Friday, December 20, 2013

Hi, there

My name is Sparrow, I'm a mom, and I make stuff.  That pretty much sums it up, but in case that's not enough, here's a little more detail.

That's me.  Don't expect too many pictures of me.  I'm kind of camera shy.  The crafts I make vary among a lot of types, but my big three hobbies are knitting, tatting, and sewing.  That's probably what you will see the most here.  Aside from hand crafts, I also enjoy graphic design and am an avid bibliophile.  I wish I had awesome photography skills, so I could take beautifully staged photos of all my projects.  You're more likely going to get quick iphone snapshots with Pumpkin making faces in the background.  But that's okay.  My house is usually a mess.  You'll probably see that in the background, too.  But that's how life is sometimes; messy.  The phrase "I'd rather be knitting (or sewing, or tatting, or otherwise crafting)" can be applied to just about anything in my life.  That includes housework, hence the mess.  I love writing patterns, and working out solutions to problems.  I see every project as an opportunity to learn something new, and make something better.  Sometimes the things I come up with are easier.  Sometimes they're harder.  Sometimes they're just interesting.

This is  Pumpkin.  He's four, ridiculously funny, and very opinionated.  He influences a lot of my projects by helping me pick out colors or telling me if something looks good or bad.  He's actually got excellent taste for a four year old, and I typically trust his judgement.  It also makes me happy when we see something in a store that he likes, and he asks me to make him one instead of buying it.  Every mom thinks their kid is something special, but… he really is something special!

Bunny is still a work in progress, but we're all very excited about her arrival!  She is due to arrive early in March.  Right now she enjoys waking me up at night by living up to her nickname and kicking incessantly for hours.

The last addition to our little oddball family is The Viking, Pumpkin and Bunny's father.  I call him that partially because he looks like one, and partially because he acts like one sometimes.  But we love him anyways. :)

And that's who I am, and my family.  Welcome to my crazy life!

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