Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Big News!

This past month has been crazy around here!  On top of work, the trunk show last week, births, weddings, and general life, some opportunities have come up that I just can't pass by!  So the big news...

I'm doing my first ever craft show this fall!

And I only have two months to prepare.  Eep!  I'm super excited, but also really nervous.  I've attended plenty of shows, and have always thought about doing one.  When the opportunity came up to get a booth at the local Pumpkin Fest, I just knew I had to take it.  I've decided to focus on making things I really love, which is mainly baby and toddler clothing and accessories.  Here's a little peek at some of the fabrics I've chosen.

Additionally, my best friend is getting married this month, and as the resident diy-er I've been drafted to help out with everything.  And yes, I may be a little bit crazy for taking all of this on with a new baby in the house.  (Who has started teething already!)  

So, if I seemingly disappear for awhile, I apologize.  I'm still around, just busy busy busy!  I've got a few new patterns and tutorials I really want to share with you all, too, and I will do my best to get those up.  I'll probably be much more active over on FaceBook, as I get ready to tackle all these projects, so if you want to keep clued in to what I'm working on head over there and like my page!  Specific projects coming up include a wedding veil, peasant dresses, and even some tatting!  

More details about the craft show coming soon, as well, so stay tuned!


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