Monday, September 29, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Link Up Winners!

Since there were only two entries into my Pumpkin Patch link up, I've decided to award both of them with a lovely little surprise.  :)

First up, Rachel Mills made two adorable pumpkins, including a funky rainbow one!  Love it!

And Bunpeal on Ravelry made two classicly orange pumpkins which you can see here on her Ravelry project page

Thanks for linking up, both of you!  Now for your prizes... you can either pick any pattern on Ravelry (single pattern only, please, no ebooks or collections) and I will gift it to you, or you can choose to have a little surprise something dropped in the mail to you.  Contact me via email ( and let me know your choice!  Be sure to include either your Ravelry id or your mailing address, depending on which prize you'd like.  :D

And to everyone who stopped out on Saturday to see us at Pumpkin Fest, a big thank you!  It was a great day, but exhausting.  I learned so much doing it, and I've got tons of ideas for how to improve in the future!  

Happy crafting!

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