Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back To School with Peekaboo Patterns!

Pumpkin actually started school two weeks ago, but with the wedding, holidays, and everything else he only went for two days before being off for a week.  Which also meant that I was a little late getting my back-to-school sewing done.  I try to at least get him a new shirt to wear on the first day of school every year, and this year he needed a new backpack, too.  I chose Peekaboo Patterns for both of these projects, and I couldn't be happier with the results!
First up, the classic oxford shirt.  I actually finished this one in time for the first day of school.  But then he wouldn't wear it.  Because the dandelion seed print was "too prickly!"  I'm thankful that my kid has such a good imagination, but sometimes it can make dealing with him difficult.  I tried explaining that it was just a picture of seeds, not real seeds.  I made sure that there wasn't anything actually poking or scratching him, and I even offered to let him wear a shirt under it.  No go.
Finally I realized that if I was going to get him to wear it, I'd have to do it in a way he understood.  So we mixed up a "softening potion" (vinegar and baking soda!) and washed the shirt with it.  Ta da!  Problem solved.  Plus vinegar is actually a fabric softener, so it really does feel softer!  Bonus!

As for the pattern, I really love how this turned out.  The instructions were great, and the fit is perfect.  This is Pumpkin's favorite style of shirt, so I'll definitely be making a few more.  The easing on the sleeves gave me a bit of trouble; with this pattern you ease the armscye into the sleeve, not the other way around like most patterns.  It seemed counter-intuitive at first, but it works.  I love that the pattern includes both short and long sleeve, and a wide range of sizes, so it'll be sure to get lots of use!
For the backpack, I really wanted to use the Lil' Adventurer's Backpack pattern, but I wasn't sure it would be big enough.  Pumpkin's school specifically requires a "regular sized" backpack large enough to fit a standard folder.  I always think it's a little silly, seeing these tiny preschooler's engulfed by their big kid sized backpacks.  After asking around in the Peekaboo Patterns FaceBook group, and a couple of measurements I decided to just add two inches to the height of the pattern.  And it worked out perfectly!
Pumpkin picked all the fabrics out.  He specifically wanted a "green and white zig zag stripe, and gold inside."  For the outside he instructed me to make it "green, green, green; ALL green!"  Fabric shopping with him is both hilarious and frustrating at times, because he always knows exactly what he wants and he doesn't compromise.  The ladies at the cutting counter thought he was a hoot.

He refused to pick a print for the front pocket, so I ended up doing a monster appliqué and some embroidery for his name.  I love the way it turned out.  And the pattern matching on the chevron was totally unintentional.  But it makes me happy.
It's hard to believe that my first baby is in his last year of preschool already!  He'll be starting kindergarten next year!  I'm trying to remember to get as much cuddle time in as I can, because I know he'll be hitting that "hugs are icky!" stage sooner than it seems.  But at least he loves his mama made's.  :)


p.s. If you're waiting to hear the rest of the story on the wedding veil, I'm going to be posting it soon. I'm just waiting for some good pics, and permission to post them.  But I did get it done in time!  Here's a little peek...

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